When “off the shelf”
just won’t cut it!

Taking your data out of spreadsheets and into this century.

Custom Development and Software Integration

Technology continues to evolve and yet so many companies find themselves running their whole business
on excel spreadsheets and through email.  Truth be told, Excel and email are great tools for basic tasks.
However, when it comes to productivity, collaboration and driving business growth,
they have significant challenges.

Downside of Excel spreadsheets

  • Hard to share
  • No advanced reporting
  • Time consuming
  • Need excel experts to update
  • Can’t have multiple people working at the same time
  • Not scalable
  • Risk of corruption

Why build an app instead?

  • Everyone can use it
  • Realtime analytics and reporting
  • Saves time through intuitive interface for fast ‘smart’ data entry
  • Use it from anywhere
  • Shareable and collaborative
  • Better results

Break Away from Excel and Email

Through our OneMotion System™ Discovery process, we can often help you find an off-the-shelf tool that will effectively fit your unique business needs. However, there are times when off-the-shelf just won’t cut it!

OneMotion has a long history of delivering exceptional custom development products.  We also write integrations for all major software applications. Connect with us to chat more about how custom development may be right for your company’s needs.

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